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I've helped 500+ businesses revolutionize the way they do business.

Around here, I teach you new ways to do business that are culturally informed and aligned with your unique mission and goals, so you can see accelerated growth, greater reach, bigger ROI...and actually enjoy the process.

Everything I teach and offer are tried-and-true systems that can be customized for any context.

Here's to your success!


March: The Business Advantage Assessment – learn how to build a culturally competent brand to lead your industry

April: ECourse, 3 Cultural Marketing Strategies to 10X Your Audience in 30 Days – get the ideas AND steps you need as a business to better attract & retain a diverse clientele

May: Launch a Cultural Initiative to Boost Your Business’ Profit

June: Masterclass, Profitable Coaching Business

Online Courses

3 Cultural Marketing Strategies to 10X Your Audience Reach in 30 Days — learn how to better attract & retain a diverse clientele

Profitable Coaching Business — Take the assessment electronically (sent via email by Dr. Michelle Reyes). This will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

5 Day Cultural Confidence Challenge — develop a meaningful & positive cultural identity in 5 days or less, so that you can enjoy more confidence and resilience in your everyday life.

Seasoned with Grace — a step-by-step method for facilitating gracious conversations that catalyze healthy racial change in 4 weeks or less.


1:1 Coaching 

— Customized coaching packages for leaders who want to develop cultural initiatives in their organizations without getting lost & overwhelmed

— Learn which strategies to implement for a culturally-informed business expansion, so that you can take actions that more authentically serve your community AND further your mission

— Plug the cultural leaks in your business (the holes that are causing you to lose a diverse clientele) and use cultural strategies to unlock next level growth & opportunities 

Team Building Training

— Empower your staff to master all the skills needed for healthy team building, so you can fast track your peak productivity, address cultural dysfunctions, and leverage cultural strengths for greater efficiency, higher morale, and overall success!

— Expect to master: enhanced communication strategies, inclusive leadership practices, conflict resolution techniques, cultural intelligence skills, and innovative problem solving. 

— Leave this training with a more unified team so that you can better balance emotion & productivity in meetings, not have to constantly address relational tension anymore, be DONE with departmental gridlocks, prevent a high turnover for your staff, and have a peace of mind because your community efforts are on point.

The Business Advantage Assessment 

— learn how to develop a culturally competent brand to lead your industry

— this package includes an assessment, customizable development plan, and a one-time coaching session 

Need customized support? Let's hop on a free strategy call & discuss your needs.