CQ Trainer Homeschool Mom Award-Winning Author helping parents & educators raise culturally intelligent children

Hi there!

I'm Dr. Michelle Ami Reyes.

I’m a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) trainer, homeschool mom, and award-winning author of the book, Becoming All Things.

I’m passionate about helping families go from overwhlem to confidence in raising culturally intelligent children, who navigate our diverse world with curiosity, understanding, and respect.

I get you, friend! I was just like you!

I so badly wanted to transform my family into cross-cultural adventurers, but I was tired of spending all the money and reading all the books and trying all the things without really seeing much of an impact with my kids. So, I figured out a way to create a lifestyle for my family with effective cross-cultural engagement that transcends mere appreciation or knowledge.

I'll share my secrets with you!

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