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How to Lead Impactful Conversations on Race in 4 Weeks or Less

This 60-minute masterclass is your next step to achieving racial change faster, more strategically, and with grace. Learn my GRACE Framework, the secrets to a gracious conversation on race, and exactly how to make a roadmap for a better future. 

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You’re a Christian leader ready to move your people toward greater racial unity. You’ve seen other churches and organizations talk about the progress they’re making. You know racial unity is the right next step for you. A culture that fosters conversations built on mutual respect & understanding, a framework for connecting & collaborating, and ultimately tangible goals of reconciliation, healing, and hope… you just need a roadmap.

Michelle Ami Reyes

Hey there! I’m Dr. Michelle Ami Reyes, creator of Seasoned with Grace. I’m a race and culture coach as well as an award-winning author and activist. 

As a race and culture coach, I bring to the table:

8+ years of academic training in racial discourse, cultural identity development, and multicultural frameworks, 15+ years as a practitioner in interracial, cross-cultural vocational ministry contexts, and personal life experience as a bicultural 2nd generation Indian American woman

Using the core strategies I’ve learned from over 15+ years of personal and professional life experiences, I’ve packaged my exact step-by-step methodology for talking about race with grace inside my online program, Seasoned with Grace, so that you can lead with confidence and joy.

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