Finally, a healthy path forward to productive racial change

Inside Seasoned with Grace, you’ll get everything you need to develop a culture that fosters race conversations built on mutual respect & understanding, a framework for connecting & collaborating, and ultimately tangible goals of reconciliation, healing, and hope.

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

You have NO idea where to even start in race conversations (let alone succeed). There are so many ideas and approaches and voices on race relations & there’s WAY too much conflicting information on what to tackle first.

You don’t feel qualified to lead in race conversations, either because you’re white, or you don’t have a certification or degree in race-related studies, and the last thing you want is for people to belittle your voice (or, worse, shame or cancel you for trying to speak up).

You feel incredibly alone in your desire to work toward racial change, and the idea of moving forward without any support or encouragement just feels like you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You’ve been reading books on race & culture, but you haven’t figured out how to translate this knowledge into tangible steps forward for your people.

You’re already feeling swamped! You’re trying to do ALL THE THINGS. As much as starting a new racial initiative sounds like exactly what your church/org needs, you don’t have the time to create one.

You’ve already tried having conversations on race, but they went nowhere. Now people are tired, and the way forward feels too illusive.

You’re not sure you can ever get people with wildly different views on race to agree on anything.

Good news!

I help my clients with those same problems every day.

And if you’re like any of them, you’ve probably made some of the same mistakes.

Mistakes like...

Mistake 1: Using the excuse that “I’m not a race expert”

SPOILER ALERT: most of us are not race experts.

In fact, if only “race experts” were allowed to talk on race, there’d only be about 10 people in the country who could probably say anything – and they’d all be academics; not pastors, parachurch org leaders, parents, community leaders, bosses, or directors of companies.

The good news?
We are all experts in our own subject matter.

Each of you has a unique story to tell.

What do people need most from their leaders in race conversations? Their leader’s stories.

Not the rhetoric. Not the jargon. Not the “here’s my personal opinion on (such and such).”

We need your stories. We need to hear what your hands-on experiences have been. What was your childhood like, what are your ethnic roots, what is your family’s history like, what are your cultural joys and pains, how have you experienced race etc.

Your stories help make race conversations personable, relatable, digestible.

You are a unique individual with a unique voice.

P.S. Inside my Seasoned with Grace program, I help my students chart out their unique voice and story so that they can show up authentically to race conversations.

Mistake 2: Believing “I can’t lead because I’m (white, Black, Asian, Latino, Mixed…fill in the blank)

There are a lot of folk out there saying who is allowed or not allowed to lead conversations on race, and let me tell you…

…every one of their qualifiers is wrong.

There is absolutely no truth in the idea that only Black voices should lead conversations on race, or that white voices can’t have a say, or that Mixed or Latino or Asian voices should take a back seat.

Everyone – Black, Brown, and white – needs to have the equal ability to speak, lead, and get involved in race conversations.

Here’s Why: Context matters.

We all best contextualize to our own contexts.

There are people in YOUR context that need to hear YOUR voice.

Want to lead conversations on race? Start with your context…

…and that may or may not be the same as your ethnic roots.

Think about where you grew up, what community you spent your childhood in, what community you married into, or perhaps served in.

Whatever community you identify with culturally, speak up there.

Your people need you.

Mistake 3: Fearing that “I will say the wrong thing and make people angry”

SPOILER ALERT: you’ll never make everyone happy.

No matter how gracious your words are, no matter how nuanced and sensitive you craft your ideas, you will still rub people the wrong way at times.

It’s going to happen.

If you only engage in conversations on race when you know that you’re not going to offend someone, the odds are that you’re talking with someone who thinks and feels exactly the way you do.

That’s not productive dialogue. That’s group think.

Your goal in race conversations isn’t to never make people with different views unhappy or uncomfortable. Rather, your goal is to show that you are willing to push through the unhappiness and discomfort to work toward greater connection, understanding, and respect.

Not only that, but the more you practice, the more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll learn, grow, and improve.

You can either stay where you’re at, talk to no one, and never have a successful impact in race conversations OR you can throw the word “failure” out of your playbook, choose to just try something, and then work on learning from your mistakes and becoming more strategic in connecting with the people in your life.


No more frustration over not knowing what to say or where to start conversations on race…
No more exhaustion from trying to do all the things to get people to the table to talk about race…
No more stressing about being shamed or gas lit…
No more fear that you’re not an expert or disqualified somehow from speaking up…
No more discouragement from feeling alone and unsupported…

All of that’s possible inside
Seasoned with Grace: THE proven method to leading impactful conversations on race

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When you join Seasoned with Grace, you’ll also get access to my Racial Solidarity Roadmap for FREE.
This workshop is a mini-video series that offers a theological framework and tangible practices to pursue racial solidarity in your context.

Who is this right for?

Pastors & Church Leaders

If you’re tired of being limited by how much racial progress you can make in your church, you need to try something new — and learning to lead gracious conversations on race with your congregation is exactly that new step! Learning how to develop and facilitate group conversations on race could be the exact method by which to move the needle forward for your people and to create achievable asks and outcomes that are hand-tailored to your context.

Directors & Team Leaders

If you want to get your team (or staff) off on the right foot, learning how to model and facilitate gracious conversations on race is a MUST. With scalable ideas and activities for a variety of contexts, you can make real, impactful change, whether that be implementing key race-related policies or just creating a more open, respectful culture in your workplace.


If you live or work in an immediate cross-cultural context, it never hurts to have a a starategic and effective system in place — not to mention the extra accountability — when leading in conversations on race. After all, connecting with the people in your community on the matters that mean the most to them means means developing deeper friendships with greater bonds of empathy, respect, and understanding.

I am Michelle Ami Reyes!

I’m the creator of Seasoned with Grace and a race and culture coach who works with Christian leaders to help them confidently and graciously lead conversations on race so they can achieve racial change faster, more strategically, and with greater impact.

I’m from Woodbury, Minnesota, though I now live in Austin, TX with my husband and two amazing kids.

Perhaps more relevant to you, I’m an award-winning author of the book, Becoming All Things: How Small Changes Lead to Lasting Connections Across Cultures, an activist, and a race and culture coach.

I bring to the table:
– 8+ years of academic training in racial discourse, cultural identity development, and multicultural frameworks
– 15+ years as a practitioner in interracial, cross-cultural vocational ministry contexts
– Personal life experience as a bicultural 2nd generation Indian American woman

And I am so glad you’re here.

Why I created this?

I know fairly well now what shuts people down, what puts the kabosh on a conversation.

Conversely, I know how to ask strategic questions and how to create opportunities for moving people toward positive racial change.

That’s why I created Seasoned with Grace.

I want to help Christian leaders and practitioners (like you!) get straight to the heart of which strategies WORK when it comes to race conversations and which strategies to avoid.

I want to take out some of the heartache and mistakes that I’ve made along my journey, so you can begin effecting positive racial change faster, more strategically, and with greater impact.
Not only that, I want you to not have to go this road alone.

That’s why Seasoned with Grace isn’t just an online course. It’s a curated journey for Christian leaders (like you!) to work toward racial change while feeling supported, connected, and empowered.

Praise for Michelle: "I love how you give bit-sized practical equipping for those of us who are learning how to have these conversations.” - Kevin, Pastor

What's Inside:
Seasoned with Grace: THE proven method to leading impactful conversations on race

Module 1: GROW

In Module 1, you’ll create a personalized leadership development plan, so that you can clearly outline your motivations and goals.

We will also work through my signature Story Method to uncover the core and importance of your unique voice and what you bring to the table.

Module 1 gives you the tools, vocabulary, and confidence you need to bring your authentic self into race conversations.

Module 2: RELATE

In Module 2, we’re going to work through Race Avatars, the 5 Ground Rules of a Gracious Race Conversation, and the 101s of a Gracious Conversation. You’ll learn who to talk with, how to set up a gracious conversation, what questions to ask, how to navigate emotional triggers, and how to share your own ideas in a way that establishes trust, respect, and understanding. 
We’ll also walk through the Racist Litmus Test, so that you know exactly what words/actions are racist and which are not, and how to utilize different tools to address your concerns, call out problematic statements, and offer alternative words/behaviors. 

Module 2 will give you the strategies and skills you need to go from start to finish in a gracious conversation on race. 

Module 3: ASK

Module 3 is all about learning the art of the achievable ask. You’re going to learn how to be strategic in your pursuit of racial change by using the Low & Slow Method and developing a 10-Step Achievable Ask, so that you can create win-win scenarios.

In Module 3, you’ll learn how to express achievable asks while also making your partner’s requests, needs, and goals heard as well. 

Module 4: COMMUNE

Module 4 is actually a two-part bonus. While the bulk of the program sets you up for success as a leader in one-on-one conversations, module 4 helps you develop a plan for engaging race graciously with your team and on social media.

Here, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to facilitate Dream Team Dialogues – including how to prepare a space, establish healthy guidelines, group goals, and achievable asks.

You’ll also be given a detailed Social Media Game Plan so that you know exactly what to post and why, how to respond to people’s comments, and ultimately what a strategic use of social media for a race leader should look like.

Module 5: EVALUATE

In Module 5, you’ll spend time reflecting on the success of your conversations by taking the Golden Rule Assessment. This assessment will help you process how things went, what to do if you didn’t feel successful, how to pivot if the other person only wanted to argue, and what to do next if you did feel successful.

This module includes a bonus Multiethnicity Quotient Assessment to discern how diverse your life is, and in what ways you need to diversify your life for the sake of your leadership.

In Module 5, you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take next so that you can have healthier, more grace-filled race conversations moving forward.

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There's more! You'll also get...

Coaching Calls ($1,500 value) — monthly zoom sessions with Michelle, meant to be open-ended for you to hop in and ask questions live every month.

Student Community Group ($1,000 value) — our main channel of communication where you can receive weekly personalized coaching and feedback.

The GRACE Framework ($1,200) — my signature framework in my high-level curriculum for having impactful conversations on race in 4 easy steps.

Dream Team Dialogues ($1,000) — a comprehensive guide to facilitating group conversations on race and leading your people toward healthy racial change. This teaching module includes a step-by-step plan for setting up group conversations, a facilitator’s guide, and assessment.

Policy & Procedure Templates ($500 value) — suggested implementation plans for developing a DEI policy, racial equity efforts (i.e., how to attract, develop, advance, and retain a diverse staff/leadership), a justice initiative, community partnerships, a racial healing circle, and more. 

Social Media Game Plan ($750 value) — suggested schedules, content, scripts, and assets for engaging race graciously via social media (including IG, FB, YouTube, a blog, and/or a podcast)

Seasoned with Grace Dictionary ($250 value) — a glossary of terms and Bible verses that every leader in race conversations needs to know.

Today only... When you join Seasoned with Grace, you'll also get access to my Cultural Humility Workshop for FREE. This workshop is a mini-video series that gives an introduction to what cultural humility is and offers tangible practices and procedures to better navigate cultural interactions and relationships in your workspace.

A total value of $7,770

Get started today for just

Got questions? I've got answers!

Who is this course for?

Seasoned with Grace is for ANYONE who leads in any capacity. Pastors, missionaries, directors, student leaders, parachurch staff, church elders, volunteers, community leaders, and parents.

How long is this program?

The high-level curriculum in this program is created to be a 4 week journey. It is self-paced though, so you can go slower or faster. It’s up to you. And the BEST part is that you have lifetime access. So you can come back to this at any time. Moreover, you’ll receive access to any future bonuses or additional content. This is your content for life.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If Seasoned with Grace truly does not help you begin leading conversations on race with grace, email me your completed 30-Day Dream Letter, 7-Layer-Why Worksheet, Story Worksheet, Resilence Worksheet & RLT Worksheet within 14 days of purchase, and I will issue you a full refund.

After those 14 days, you’re stuck with me! (Though I think you’ll see that’s a very good thing).

If you’ve read this far…

You have two options:

Continue to stay silent, disengage in race conversations out of fear and a lack of confidence over your own voice…

Or, finally show up with confidence and joy to connect and collaborate with the people in your context and work toward positive, healthy racial change.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

You’re ready for gracious conversations on race to be the rule, not the exception.
You’re ready to stop debating and picking fights and burning bridges with people over race-related issues.
You’re ready to confidently lead in race conversations, because you know how to engage people and what outcomes to aim for.
You’re ready for a way to make racial change happen in a way that aligns with God’s heart for all peoples.
You’re ready for Black, Brown, and white to find greater connection and collaboration with each other.

Join today-doors close soon!